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Compact Laminate


1.Melamine impregnated overlay
2.Decorative paper
3.Phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper


Compact laminate is a double-faced thick high pressure laminate.No need sticking on the basic material and can be used as structural material directly.It can be widely used in interior wall,washroom partition,separation of space area,store cabinet and variety of tabletops.Supply one or two sides compact.




Colorful, variety style for choice, plain, wood grain, stone, abstract and aluminium, etc.

◆ It can match many surface finishes and present amazing vision and feeling

◆ Tight and stable in structure,flexibility

◆ Anti-scratch and durable

◆ Anti-impact

◆ Compression strength of structure,hardness,reconnaissance of heavy burden.

◆ Can realize special customization.

Colorful / More thicknesses / Wear resistance / Scratch resistance / Impact resistance / Reconnaissance of heavy burden

Compact Laminate